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Seasonals dog diapers Testimonials

I bought my first Seasonals around 10 years ago and have used them for my girls in season ever since. I breed labs and it’s great to not have the mess in the house. That pair has been through the wash I don’t know how many times, and it’s still in great shape.

– Julie Reeves

We have several pairs of Seasonals and some that are over 11 years old! We have used squatty body size for bulldogs. These panties have been washed uncountable times. Unfortunately, I’ve lost a couple pairs over the years because I’ve occasionally loaned them to others. The quality is superb, and if you phone, customer service is excellent!

– Micki Jablonski

I have two older Poms who have incontinence problems and my major concern is getting them back running the house and out of detention. I love Seasonals products.

– Becky

Your product was extremely well made and fit my dog perfectly. It kept my rugs and furniture clean too!

– Holly
I wrote my first product review on Amazon on your Seasonals because I have used them on 
my dogs for years and they are the BEST!  
My show partner, Mike Travanutti, just ordered two pair for a female Welsh Springer that 
we co-own. I have used them on all of my Curly-Coated retriever females for many years and 
recommend them to my puppy buyers for their females, too. In fact, I am still using the
very first pair that I bought, which have to be more than 10 or 15 years old!  
That's quality.  :-)))
– Mary Kay Morel