Special Diapers for Special Dogs

Indigo Wheeled Terrier Jones is a special dog with special needs. He was abused to the point that his back legs became partially paralyzed, so he uses a wheelchair in order to get around. He is also incontinent, so he has to wear diapers. That’s where Leo Res enters the picture. Res, owner and chief diaper maker at Ya-Zoo Dezigns, has been making products that help dogs like Indigo for more than 23 years. “When we see the impact we’re making on so many helpless dogs’ lives, it pays off and makes us proud to do what we do.”


Like people, dogs want to be comfortable and carefree, Res says. His diapers [Seasonals®] are useful for dogs in heat and elderly dogs that need a little extra TLC. And although his company sells thousands of diapers every year, Res never passes up an opportunity to help dogs with special challenges. “For these dogs, no two diapers are alike.” he says. “I’ve made different cuts, added extra closures. I even put suspenders on a pair to make sure it stayed in place.” The diapers are available in a variety of colors and shapes, in order to serve the needs of the dogs as well as appeal to their owners.

“People may find it strange that I have built my career around dog diapers,” Res says,  “but when I read the heartfelt comments from our customers and see how dogs like Indigo Wheeled Terrier Jones are living active, happy lives because of me—well, it just makes me proud.”